What Is JustAnswer?

JustAnswer is an online question-and-answer service that connects users with experts in various subjects.

Once you’re connected with an expert, you can ask a question and receive a typed response. For an additional fee, you can speak with an expert on the phone.

On the website, you’ll find verified experts in the following fields:

  • Taxes, financial issues
  • Law
  • Mechanics
  • Medical
  • Veterinary medicine
  • Electrical work
  • Plumbing
  • Electronics, phones
  • Computers, software
  • Home improvement
  • Appraisals

There’s also a “General” category that’s a bit of a catchall. The site says it covers relationships, entertainment, jobs, etiquette, dream interpretation, clock repair, genealogy and more.

How Much Does JustAnswer Cost?

The monthly membership fee varies depending on how you sign up for Just Answer. Some links will take you to a $1 first-question trial before charging $46-$55 monthly while others offer a $1 weeklong trial.

The site doesn’t indicate that there’s a set monthly price for the service, so don’t be surprised if the pricing model you find is different from what I experienced.

How the Weeklong Trial Works

During the trial, you can ask unlimited questions. After the week, you’ll be billed for a monthly membership. Still, it seems safe to say that you will never be billed for an amount you aren’t already aware of.

When I created my account, the website clearly stated the amount I could expect to be charged for the first seven days followed by the monthly membership fee.

Just be sure to cancel the trial before you’re charged for a membership fee if you don’t expect to need the service past the one-week period.